For Audy and Pamela Madrigal, Aqua Clear Water Solutions started from their garage much like Steve Job did.  It wasn’t until they built their new home and noticed lots of limescale and their skin felt itchy and dry all the time that they decided to inquire about water filtration.  Audy being a Biology graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and Pamela another Biology graduate from University of Texas Pan American, decided to both put their research backgrounds to the test after a few sales demonstrations were done.  They were both in shock when the simple water quality report from McAllen showed all sorts of contaminates in the water that was also confirmed by the Environmental Working Group.  People had to know about exactly what is in our water that we consume from the Rio Grande River, and quite frankly we all know the United States plays fair but what exactly is Mexico dumping into our main drinking water resource?  They didn’t want to leave it to chance so they went all in starting Aqua Clear Water Solutions in 2013 to educate the community on how they could also improve their neighbors drinking water.


Mother and Daughter Drinking Fresh Water from Aqua Clear Water Solutions

 To educate our customers on the importance of drinking good, clean, sterile water and assisting them in finding affordable solutions for their families.


To our customers, employees, and the environment: We promise to act on our belief that water is vital for life and is an essential component for our health and well-being. We will operate with effective governance, high standards of ethical behavior, and with integrity always. We seek dialogue with our customers to improve our understanding of their needs and what is most important for them in evaluating their problem water. We take our commitment to education, customer service, and environmental sustainability seriously, and extend this expectation to our vendors and all affiliates.

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To Our Customers

We commit to excellent customer service and providing you with high quality products that have gone through third party certifications to give you peace of mind that our products have gone under a microscope to ensure your investment into your family or business is of the highest quality.

To Our Employees

We embrace a diverse workforce and inclusive culture. The health, safety, professional development, work-life balance, the respectful treatment of our employees is among our highest priorities and a clear path for career advancement.

To Our Environment

We encourage the preservation of natural resources and strive to minimize the environmental impact of our operations and products. Which is why we partnered with Kinetico Water Systems and Nimbus Reverse Osmosis. World renowned for their efficiency ratings and minimizing the amount of salt and water wasted.

We will continue to fight at the federal, state, and local level for better water quality in South Texas so that we can help improve lives through better hydration and being able to protect their house and families from unwanted chemicals.


Great company with great products. Since we built our home almost 4 years ago, the Aqua Clear folks have been servicing the equipment we bought from them and provided us with great service. They have been extremely helpful and very flexible with us in when needed. I definitely recommend these guys.


We’ve had nothing but great service with aqua clear. Love our water system and so do our members. You can literally taste the difference! Great service and great price for what you get. 🙂

CrossFit Brownsville
Great products, and exceptional customer service. I would highly recommend Aqua Clear Water Solutions.
Jesse Perez
You can’t beat the customer service that this company provides to their clients. Thank you.
Chad Covey


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