K5 Reverse Osmosis

The K5 Reverse Osmosis water filtration system is designed to solve your home’s tough drinking water quality issues. Convenient and economical, this purification system is completely customizable to meet your family’s water needs. This high-capacity system is more reliable than any other filtration system on the market. Supply your home with fresh, great-tasting drinking water right at the faucet.

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Drinking Water Systems at Aqua Clear Water Solutions
Aqua Clear Water Solutions A200 MACguard

A200 MACguard

The MACguard® filter water system ensures that your family has clean, refreshing water right at your kitchen faucet. This filter is perfect for families looking for a solution to the harsh chemicals and odors coming from the tap. The MACguard® leaves you with odor-free water with a pleasant taste. The conditions of your water will further determine which of the MACguard® models is right for you.



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