The Kinetico Powerline Series water softeners are the traditional method of softening your home’s water. This electric, single-tank option requires more attention, but can be equally as effective as non-electric models. With this whole-home system, you’ll enjoy softer water that’s easy on your skin, hair, fixtures, and appliances. By removing calcium, magnesium, and other hard water minerals, the Powerline Series keeps hard water stains out of your toilets and sinks and prevents soap scum from forming around your tubs.

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Powerline Series Specialty Water Filter


Did you know that hard water plagues more than 85% of homes in the United States? Don’t be one of them! Whether you’re tapped into a well or a municipal water source, leaving hard water untreated can lead to costly home repairs. Save your appliances, pipes, fixtures, and sanity when you switch to an Aqua Clear Water Solutions in-home water softener.

Hard water damage looks like:
  • Spots and streaks on the glass shower door
  • Short lifespans of water-using appliances
  • Scale buildup around faucets and drains
  • Dry hair and skin
  • Stained, dull, or stiff laundry
Soft water benefits look like:
  • Clean, unspotted dishes
  • Reduction in use of soaps and detergents
  • Less need for lotions and expensive hair creams
  • No stains in the shower or toilet
  • Time and money savings



Model(s) PS 0840 / PS 0840x PS 1040 / PS 1040x PS 1054 / PS 1054x PS 1354x
Resin Tank Size 8″ x 40″ 10″ x 40″ 10″ x 454″ 13″ x 54″
Brine Tank Size 18″ x 35″ 18″ x 35″ 18″ x 35″ 18″ x 40″
Salt Storage 250 lbs. 250 lbs. 250 lbs. 250 lbs.
Resin Volume 0.7 ft3 1.0 ft3 1.5 ft3 2.5 ft3
Flow Rate 7 gpm 9 gpm 12 gpm 13 gpm
Backwash Rate 1.5 gpm 2.0 gpm 2.4 gpm 4.0 gpm
Regeneration Stages 7 Stage / 5 Stage 7 Stage / 5 Stage 7 Stage / 5 Stage 5 Stage
Regeneration Stage Times fixed / adjustable fixed / adjustable fixed / adjustable adjustable
Capacity 21,000 grains 30,000 grains 45,000 grains 75,000 grains
Meter Option 3/4″ use meter 3/4″ use meter 3/4″ use meter 3/4″ use meter
Connection Size 3/4″ – 1″ 3/4″ – 1″ 3/4″ – 1″ 3/4″ – 1″


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